Creating an Alternative

If you buy food from your local farmer and products from local businesses, shouldn’t you consider where your fuel comes from, too?

Sustainable biodiesel is produced from both recycled oil and/or local agricultural products that don’t compete with food or come from foreign oil.

Choose sustainable biodiesel and be a part of the solution to our energy and environmental crisis!

Sustainable Fuel Co-op, Seattle (SFC) is a consumer cooperative of local community members who seek to create an alternative energy community which upholds the highest environmental, social, and sustainable standards possible and practical. We desire to provide our members and the greater community with access to sustainably sourced biodiesel and support the development of additional sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based fossil fuels.

SFC is committed to the betterment of our society through better fuel. We believe that sustainable fuel production can decrease our dependence upon fossil fuels and foreign oil, reduce global warming, promote land restoration and conservation, and provide an economic and environmental benefit to all in our community.

Please join us in creating an alternative!

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