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6 Reasons Why You Should Join

Co-ops have been traditionally started as a way to share access to resources like drinking water, electricity, and grain. We have a similar and very important motivation, to ensure access to a sustainable fuel alternative while building our community.

In the past few years the global biodiesel industry has been turned upside down, from an environmentally positive movement to a possibly environmentally damaging venture to make profit at all costs. Part of our mission is to keep the green energy revolution on a sustainable track and viable in our area.

1. Sustainable, High Quality, Local B-99

Not all biofuels are created equal! We believe that biodiesel and some other biofuels are worth making, selling, and using if it can be done for the greater good socially, economically, politically, and environmentally. It’s a similar choice to buying local or organic foods; we aim to offer a similar choice in fuel.

2. Invest in a New, Local, Green Venture

We need your help and and your commitment to keep access to high-blend/low-carbon biodiesel, and all its benefits to the community. By Joining Sustainable Fuel Co-op (SFC) you are supporting sustainable biofuels, their growth and development, and supporting programs to further educate the public to lower their carbon footprint. You will help improve our local economy and environment, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and create a more vibrant community.

3. Support Local Business

Seattle has the most individual B-99 users anywhere in the nation because they are motivated to make a difference. We want to empower you to maintain and grow that tradition. Join the Sustainable Fuel Co-op now and make your input and dollars count by investing in your local community, creating sustainable jobs, and polluting less.

4. End of Year Rebates

As member-owned and -run co-op we strive for an transparent and fair business model. We are grass-roots-based, not a venture capital-funded, PR machine which sells fuel at cost to drive their competitors out of business. We will sell biodiesel at a fair market value and redistribute profits through end-of-year rebates or credit.

5. Discounts at Local Retailers

We are co-op members who are socially conscious, ecologically-minded, politically engaged, and willing to pay a fair price for a product that is sourced and sold from a retail outlet committed to sustainability. As we grow, member benefits may extend to consumer choices beyond fuel; we will strive towards partnerships with local businesses interested in similar ideals.

6. Help Build a New Sustainable Enterprise

Our Co-op is for anyone who uses diesel fuel and is looking for a way to make a difference in their world. We need good people with good ideas to make it happen! Our initial members will be our “building members” and will play an important role in steering the Co-op in the right direction. After 5 years our “building members” will have lifetime memberships (or you can just pay for your lifetime membership up front).